KIBI Repository of Folk Works

Welcome to!  This website aims to serve as a repository for nonprofessional and community‐oriented works (primarily fiction) under stewardship of kibigo!.

The term “folk work” is used here as a broad category which includes, but is not limited to, fanworks and similar subcultural products.  This definition is similar to the definition of “folk” in folkloric studies,* I define fanlore as a particular kind of folklore, defined by its relationship to mass media.  but quite different from more regressive uses of “folk”, such as is commonly meant by the term “folk art”.  Although many of the works here are fannish in nature, there is no guarantee that all will be.

Why are you not just recording these works on A·O·3 (or a similar fanwork aggregation site)?

See the following:  Why Not A·O·3?

The works included here are not necessarily authored by kibigo! herself (although most are).  Rather, this site functions as a directory of corpora of which kibigo! is the { authority ∣ manager }.  Each corpus is associated with a single pseud, and can be uniquely identified with a combination of domain name (a subdomain of and date (of last backwards‐incompatible change).  Full corpora are available at the :bns/ directory of each subdomain and include a full version history of works, notes, and other ancillary information.* This is not recommended as a general entrypoint.  Individual project directories, rather, contain only the latest published versions of (recommended) works and provide the most accessible reading experience.

At present, the following corpora are available :—

Be advised that many of these works contain mature themes and sexual content.